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  Knitting Patterns and Source Books: Choices From Our Workbasket

We have a mitten pattern book we love. Dozen upon dozens of mittens have been made from this pattern book. You can't imagine how surprised I was to find it has gone out of print... and the current asking price for a used copy of a paperback that sold for $12? $60!! And I thought buying pattern books was an indulgence! Turns out it is a smart business move.

So, without further ado... the next generation of must have classics:

Vogue Knitting: Award Winning Socks The classic coffee table reference from the best knitters going. Fabulous designs, but largely for the experienced knitter, or someone who enjoys the challenge. I tend to pick bits of a complicated pattern out and simplify it, but the usual fabulous Vogue Knitting book.
The Twisted Sister's Sock Workbook Colorful, inspiring pictures, interesting patterns. For the "non-traditional" knitter who is looking for something small and fun. A great way to use up all those little balls of wool you can't bear to throw away because they might come in handy!
Knitting Socks on Two Circular Needles: no tears, and speed! Or so we've heard. This is the latest rage in knitting socks... and if you've never done a sock before, this might be the way to start. Old dogs, new tricks... we're still knitting on 4 needles. But we may give this a try soon.
Vogue Knitting: Mittens and Gloves Lush, lavish, projects to die for. Not sure, ultimately, how practical some of these mittens are, but they are wearable works of art. My mantra: small projects on small needles. You get incredible satisfaction from it, but it isn't a lifetime committment!
The Classic: Homespun Handknit: hats, socks, mittens and gloves Seriously... how long has this little book been around for? If you have it, your copy is probably in shreds. If you don't, it is a classic. Not inspirational, like the "coffee table" books, just solid basic information for working with homespuns.

A Gathering Of Lace: 30 Lace Knitters Share Their Secrets If you're a knitter like I'm a knitter, you love beautiful work... but you need some help to do it yourself. This book assumes some basic knowlege of knitting, but gives you an overview of lace from some of the very best.

Shawls and Scarves: The Best of Knitters Magazine I've always liked Knitters for their down to earth patterns and liveable style. But I genuinely hate the "magazine pile." Oh, you have one too. That pile of magazines, each with a pattern or tip you're going to use "someday." Ditch the pile, buy the book. You know you'll never find the pattern you want in that pile anyway!
Knitting needles available today on ebay:
Free Knitting Pattern Sources are widely available online, but the quality of the patterns often leaves something to be desired. I'm not opposed to free patterns, but if they don't work out, they're a waste of good wool, and worse, my time. These books are full of perfect patters. They work, they're dazzling, and they're fun.

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